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  • ERPScan Takes The First Prize At IAIR Awards
    Yale Club, New-York – April 15, 2014 – IAIR Awards III has presented ERPScan, the leading security provider for SAP and the leading SAP AG partner in discovering and solving security vulnerabilities, with the golden award in the category Best Company for Leadership – Special Category. More information here […]
  • Cybersecurity and the North American Electric Grid
    Protecting the nation’s electricity grid from cyber attacks is a critical national security issue. Evidence collected by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) suggests that cyber attacks on key energy infrastructure—and on the electricity system in particular—are increasing, both in frequency and sophistication. These trends are alarming because the […]
  • Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming Book Review
    Imagine that you are behind the scenes of an API interface, which has already been written by a programmer. You are physically watching all the source code in the program work in sync and perform the way it should. In other words, in the background, behind the wall of code (think in 3D), similar . . . { Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming Book Review } […]
  • Company ditched its landlines and iPhones in favor of iPad Minis
    Boston-area creative firm goes all VoIP; founder calls iPhone ‘irrelevant’… Network World – Jim Pond is a techie and an Apple lover. He always needs the newest Apple product at his small suburban Boston creative agency, whether it’s the latest iPad, MacBook, iPhone or iPod Touch. “If it’s Apple, we’ve gotta have it,” he proudly . . . { Company ditched its la […]
  • Wireshark: Learn Instantly
    Wireshark is by far the most popular network traffic analyzing tool. It not only provides an interface for traffic capture but also provides a rich platform for an in-depth analysis of the traffic. The GUI provides a very user friendly and interactive media that simplifies the process of network forensics. This concise book provides a . . . { Wireshark: Lear […]
  • Microsoft, EMC, NetApp join Oracle’s legal fight against Google on Java
    IDG News Service – Microsoft, EMC and NetApp have joined an appeal by Oracle against an earlier decision in a copyright and patent infringement lawsuit against Google over Android. The three companies on Tuesday filed an amici curiae brief in support of appellant, according to court records. The brief could not be accessed on Tuesday . . . { Microsoft, EMC, […]
  • Windows Server 2012 Unified Remote Access Planning and Deployment
    It’s 5:45 p.m., and in just a few sweet moments, you can finally finish the day’s work and run out home. Suddenly, the phone rings, sending a shudder through your spine. You recognize the number immediately. It’s Mr. McClueless from the downtown office, again. “Sorry, buddy,” he whines, “my kids screwed up my computer again.” Yeah, . . . { Windows Server 201 […]
  • Top 15 Paying IT Certifications 2013
    These Information Technology (IT) Certifications below should give the highest earning potential for any IT professional. However, there are other certifications that could be on this list, but this list is just most of the top paying IT certifications which have shown to be the upcoming in-demand as well as some of the most valuable . . . { Top 15 Paying IT […]
  • New Book on Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming
    Actual Book Review is here: Book Review Network programming has been around for a very long time, and it’s definitely not a task for the faint-hearted. Boost.Asio provides an excellent abstraction over it, making sure that with a minimal amount of coding, you can create beautiful client-server applications and have tons of fun doing it. . . . { New Book on B […]
  • 15 Top Cities for Tech Startups
      The Top 15 Cities for Tech Start Ups…     San Francisco, Calif - Total equity invested 4.245 billion. San Jose, Calif. - Total equity invested 3.25 billion. New York, NY - Total equity invested 1.641 billion. Boston, Mass. - Total equity invested 1.336 billion. Los Angeles, Calif. - Total equity invested 754.8 million. Washington D.C. - Total equity invest […]
  • FBI Takes Down Butterfly Botnet
    The Department of Justice and the FBI, along with international law enforcement partners, announced the arrests of 10 individuals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, New Zealand, Peru, the United Kingdom, and the United States and the execution of numerous search warrants and interviews. The operation identified international cyber crime rings t […]
  • How will Microsoft Windows 8 go over?
    The release of Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest operating system, has been hailed by some as a breakthrough in computer use. But others warn about system’s limitations and predict that the software giant could lose out to competitors with the new system. Oct. 26 marked the world premiere of one of the most anticipated upgrades since . . . { How will Microsoft W […]
  • Another Mac Virus Discovered
    Just hours before the release of Mountain Lion, the latest version of the OS X operating system, new malware has been discovered highlighting the need for Apple Mac users to protect their computers with anti-virus software. Sophos researchers have discovered that the new Morcut Mac OS X malware, also known as “Crisis”, has been distributed . . . { Another Ma […]
  • Computer Operating System Survey – Microsoft Windows PC vs. Mac
    This statistical research paper is to examine a sample group of computer users and reveal their personal computer experiences. The sample group was asked questions about which type of computer operating system is better and which one they currently use, Windows PC or Mac. I am a Windows PC user. I suspect the results from . . . { Computer Operating System Su […]
  • Top Five Networking IT Training Certifications
    With so many IT training certifications to choose from, some information technology professionals may need a little help deciding which one to start studying and testing. Most professionals gain advancement in their current career track, but others are interested in switching goals and have a desire to study a different technology. Whether you want to . . . […]
  • Data and Analytics Will Dominate Healthcare IT Spending in 2012
    Richard Cramer, Chief Healthcare Strategist Informatica:     In 2012, healthcare providers will finally have the data they need to run as businesses. As healthcare providers make increasingly better use of data from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and beyond, the data-related IT requirements of healthcare payers and providers will converge. Informatica expe […]
  • Removing Viruses and Malware from: Personal and Business Computers
    Computer vandalism; tools used to cause systems to crash or steal sensitive information. The internet holds a mass amount of information. It also holds a mass amount of viruses lurking in the darkness of cyberspace just waiting for a surfer to click and download. The internet will forever have viruses sitting and waiting to . . . { Removing Viruses and Malwa […]
  • C++ Programming History
    C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup (see his picture below) in the 1980’s at Bell Labs. He originally developed it as an enhancement to the C programming language. C++ became a standard in the late 1990’s. C++ was originally referred to as C with classes. In many computer science classes, C++ is still referred to . . . { C++ Programming History } […]
  • Speedy Performance and Rapid Boot Times on a Solid State Drive (SSD)
    The average boot time that a computer takes to boot up with Windows 7 installed on a traditional hard disk drive that has moving parts is about 1 minute. On top of that, to complete the boot up time and safely start surfing the internet, anti-virus or other start-up software will take an additional minute . . . { Speedy Performance and Rapid Boot Times on a […]
  • IT Management
    This article explains the benefits of IT management for organizations. Ease of management allows effective enforcement of policies throughout a network. A well managed PC costs less to operate and will increase productivity as there is almost no downtime. The constant downtime that affects revenue can now be a thing of the past. Integrity of . . . { IT Manag […]
Book Reviews

Book Review: Network Programming in Boost.Asio


Imagine that you are behind the scenes of an API interface, which has already been written by a programmer. You are physically watching all the source code in the program work in sync and perform the way it should. In other words, in the background, behind the wall of code (think in 3D), similar to a movie or cartoon, the code executes in slow motion. You watch and can see each event unfold one at a time, as each line of code executes it does exactly what the programmer programmed it to do. While physically watching in terms of event handling, what would be the difference in viewing a Synchronous or a Asynchronous program in slow motion and watching each unfold in their own three dimensional movie? Which program would look more complex, the Synchronous movie or the Asynchronous movie, and which would be easier for a programmer to implement and code? No doubt, exciting contrasts, as well as huge differences in the two movies.

John Torjo wrote “Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming” which describes the challenges, advantages, and pitfalls of Synchronous and Asynchronous programming. What I like about this book is that Torjo really explains and breaks down in detail the reasons why a programmer would want to use Synchronous or Asynchronous programming. The book contains lots of code and comparisons using specific code examples demonstrating and contrasting the differences in Synchronous and Asynchronous programming. For example, in chapter 2, Torjo displays different code examples in Synchronous and Asynchronous programming, as well as why it is simpler to code in Asynchronous especially when an API uses multiple or hundreds if not thousands of concurrent clients.

This was a very interesting read and it was the first time I have ever read a book from John Torjo. With only 7 total chapters and a total of 156 pages, this is an action packed book and well worth the read. Without hesitation, anyone interested in Network API programming in C++ with Boost.Asio, I highly recommend they check out this book. Mostly because the book contains a lot of valuable information such as how to avoid certain pitfalls, examples of unnecessary code implementation, a vast amount of code to program, and heaps of on hands coding. In addition, throughout chapters 3, 4, and 5, the book also shows how to implement echo/client server applications including many graphical diagrams, which are used to help better understand complex connections. Moreover, there is also information about the differences of Asio (non-Boost) and Asio.Boost. Lastly, this book is written with simple and clear explanations for easy understanding and no fluff. If you’re new to Network Programming, API, or just Boost.Asio, than reading this book will give you a better understanding of Synchronous and Asynchronous programming, as well as how it works if you were physically behinds the scenes.

BOOK is available in an eCopy PDF at: Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming by John Torjo

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